Past ACC President Selected to Chair World Heart Federation Partners Council

This post was authored by John Gordon Harold, MD, MACC, past-president of the ACC.

I am honored to have been chosen as the chair of the World Heart Federation (WHF) Partners Council for 2016 on behalf of the ACC. In this new capacity representing the College, I led the first meeting of the WHF’s Partners Council in March 11 in London, England.

WHF President Salim Yusuf, MBBS, FACC, opened the meeting noting that the vision of the WHF is to work with members and the cardiovascular health community to hasten the day when cardiovascular health is no longer a privilege – but a right, and when cardiovascular disease is transformed from a life-threatening disease to one that can be prevented and managed in all populations. He added that the role of the WHF is to serve as the global facilitator, convener, trusted adviser and representative of cardiovascular disease stakeholders, driving the global cardiovascular health agenda by converting policy into action, through its members and a broader network of partners.

According to Yusuf, the WHF will seek alignment from all members and partners around the organization’s commitment to driving a 25 percent reduction in premature cardiovascular disease mortality by 2025 (25×25) and will build on the leadership to date in co-founding the cooperative NCD Alliance. This goal aligns with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) target to reduce premature deaths from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 25 percent by 2025. To date the WHF and its members have played a key role in progress towards achieving 25×25 and have committed to establishing globally applicable but locally adaptable roadmaps for cardiovascular disease prevention.

Members of the Partners Council will be provided with opportunities to share their knowledge and relevant experience with other members of the Council to reach the ambitious target which can only be achieved with consistent, evidence-based advocacy directed at decision-makers. As chair of the Partners Council, I will help to ensure that members of the Council are able to share their knowledge and relevant experience in alignment with the WHO’s target. The Partners Council will strive for the development and implementation of public health programs and/or policies including advocacy and or other relevant issues and actions to further the 25×25 goal.


World Heart Federation Partner’s Council, Greater London House, March 2016

Additionally, the ACC looks forward to participating in the World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health (WCC 2016) in Mexico City, Mexico, from June 4 – 7, a global interactive event to promote cardiovascular health. An outstanding line up of world leaders in heart health will cover 120 sessions on cardiovascular health and cardiology practice, touching on topics applicable to all health and public health professionals.

I am especially looking forward to serving as co-chair of a joint American Heart Association/ACC session on June 5 at WCC 2016 entitled “Contemporary Management of Advanced Heart Disease.” Supporters of the NCD Alliance will be hosting the inaugural NCD Café throughout the event which will include six sessions spanning NCD prevention, patient engagement, financing and healthy urban environments.

WCC 2016 promises to be an engaging event. We hope you will join us in Mexico City!

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