Home Improvements: ACC.org Keeps Getting Better

Eagle_KimThis post was authored by Kim A. Eagle, MD, MACC, editor-in-chief of ACC.org.

Over the past year, it’s been exciting to hear from members who are finding the new ACC.org is meeting their professional and personal needs – whether it’s through enhanced access to Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) journals and clinical guidelines, mobile-friendly formatting or personalization options that put relevant clinical and educational content at their fingertips. 

We have heard from members with valuable ideas for making the site even more useful, and we’ve made many improvements in response to that feedback. Tools were added to help users find specific types of content, such as Journal Scans, within the Latest in Cardiology feed. We’ve also made it easier and faster to access the latest JACC issues and listen to popular editor-in-chief audio summaries. In addition, the search results are now cleaner and more consistent with how content appears throughout the website.

The Clinical Topic Collections are among the most singled-out benefits of the site. These focused hubs provide a centralized area for relevant guidelines, clinical documents, expert commentary and analysis, educational programs, case challenges and more. Even better, ACC members can sign up to receive email notifications when new content has been posted to collections relating to their area of practice or interest. There are also opportunities to personalize the “Recommended for You” news feed on the homepage based on Clinical Topic Collection interest.

Members of the ACC.org Editorial Team, as well as leaders of ACC’s clinical-focused Member Sections and Councils, should be commended for their ongoing commitment to ensuring these topic hubs are filled with timely, robust content ranging from latest news to expert commentary on new research and trends. It’s exciting to see the fruits of this collective labor are being read, used and benefited from.

Improved access to Member Section pages is also something I’ve heard positive feedback from members about. In fact, we’ve made even more improvements in this area in the last month as a result of user feedback. These pages, which are now accessible from the homepage, are intended to keep Section members up to date on events and other happenings, as well as member profiles and Section accomplishments. As of September, all Section members are also automatically receiving weekly email digests containing updates from the Section pages, as well as any relevant Clinical Topic Collection.

When we launched ACC.org last January, the goal was not to develop a static site, but rather one that would continually grow and change as technologies and the needs of members change. You have hopefully noticed some changes already, including those outlined above, as well as improved search functionality. ACC.org is your home, so keep the feedback coming. We’re listening!

To manage the content in your “Recommended for You” homepage news feed and the content in your personalized digest emails, log into ACC.org, click on “My Profile” and select “Personalization Options.” Scroll down and click on “Edit Clinical Topics.” Select all the Clinical Topics you wish to receive updates for and save changes.

To manage the frequency of digest emails (available immediate, daily or weekly), click on “Configure Notifications” under “My Communication Preferences.” For more help personalizing your account, visit ACC.org/Personalize or email the ACC Resource Center resource@acc.org with any questions.

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