First Time Here? What the ACC’s Annual Scientific Session is ‘REALLY’ About

This Freemanpost was authored by Andrew Freeman, MD, FACC (@heartcuredoc)

You may not believe this, but there is a secret to the ACC’s Annual Scientific Session that you may not know. In addition to learning about and seeing all of the latest and greatest tools, medicines, techniques and procedures – not to mention being in the audience for late-breaking clinical trial results – there is something about physically being at the meeting that you can’t experience anywhere else.

When you come to a meeting like ACC.16, you leave the trials and tribulations of daily practice behind and are able to give your full mind and attention to absorbing the latest in cardiology. You get to hear from and interact with cardiovascular experts from around the world – many of whom are considered legends in our field. You also get to partake in meaningful discussions and debates pertaining to the latest research and innovations. A visit to the Expo floor offers hands-on opportunities to try out new technologies and test your skills. This year there are more opportunities than ever before to take part in interactive activities, like simulation sessions or FIT Jeopardy. Special learning pathways and intensive offerings also provide unique opportunities to share and debate with like-minded individuals. I personally also look forward to catching up with colleagues from med school and beyond about their personal and professional lives.

Ultimately, the goal of the Annual Scientific Session is re-spark your very reasons for joining this network of cardiology practitioners and to reignite your passion for lifelong learning in a high paced, high energy environment where you get to set your course and interests. So, indulge and spend extra time in the fields your curious about – and maybe even those fields you aren’t. Go try out the latest TAVR simulator. Or just spend time catching up with friends or sucking in all the late-breakers you can find! You’ll be glad you did!

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